Tuesday, 23 August 2011


first of all.nk wish u guys selamat hari raya..i know its a bit early but since aku jarang post benda here.so aku rasa btter aku do it now kn.haha..kut2 la aku menghilang lg for the next 2 or 3 weeks lg.haha.apa pown.this raya aku shure xda bnyak difrent for raya aku yg lepas..just me lg..haih..semua happy2 ngan family.aku just menumpang.only if my parent faham apa aku rasa actually.they just think what they want.xpikir at all apa anak depa nk..pity.whatever lah.aku dh survive all this since kecik so i guess aku mampu survive this for another raya day lg.till then.to be continue..bla bla bla.out

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


i've learn that nothng in life is that sweet.it lie to u at the first.in the end dapat taik.haih..kwn aku ckp aku loser.yes i am.aku mmg loser..aku mmg bodoh and xreti about anthing expecially love.fuck!aku xnk make girl come and go.aku nk girl come and STAY..tp tu pown ssh gk for me to get it.haih.xpa lh.its life kn..owh and i recently noticed that NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND ME.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


dh lama eh x post anything..aiyoo..dh bnyak benda jd in these few month.nk mention pown jd mls.terlampau bnyak sgt yg menyakitkn hati..owh n terbaru,im gonna get step mom!!omg!!!!!!!!nightmare